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Released Games

Admiral of the Fleet


iOS Strategy Game 2014

Control Fleets of hand crafted ships, battle over planets in this intense mobile strategy game.

137 B.C.  RTS

New Project - 2021-03-01T110731.283.png

iOS RTS Strategy Game 2014

Attack and Defend castles, summon epic powers as ancient soldiers clash with swords and spears of the Roman Empire days.

Gameplay Link:

Heroes of Revolution

New Project - 2021-03-01T110537.972.png

iOS Turn Based Strategy 2014

Battle for control of the checkpoints, upgrade your army and your power in this thought filled Turn Based adventure.

Gameplay Link:

Flippin Food


Android 2015

Causal action game of serving customers food on the fly.  An original food truck experience.

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Living Prototypes

Tecmo Bowl

New Project - 2021-03-01T092644.779.png

iOS, Android 2015

Fast paced retro action football type smashing. 

Gameplay Link:

Rapid Turn Based Strategy

New Project - 2021-03-01T104135.811.png

iOS, Android 2016

When, where and how will you strike your opponent's threating forces in this fast paced turn based strategy.  Quick decision making, eye catching special effects and physics make each attack worth watching.

Video Coming.

Box ur Heart out

New Project - 2021-03-01T104135.811.png

Android 2016

Open world Boxing adventure game set in a retro popping environment. Customize your character and your boxing style, the streets are rough.


New Project - 2021-03-01T133301.816.png

Android 2015

Take command of resources and deploy fleets set to conquer, but beware, the enemy fleets have amassed and are headed your way.

Pixel Punch


Android 2015

Beat em up pixel style game.  Evil bosses have a hold on the city,  it's up to you to beat, punch & kick your way through!

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Pencil / PS


Unity Pro Builder

Bring to Life

Animation, Materials, Scripts & Effects

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