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Mad Trapper

About this game:
After narrowly escaping the catastrophic collapse of planet earth, you discover a top secret space station containing gateways to distant planets where intelligent life still exists. The only problem is, the critters that call these areas home are far more treacherous than anything you've known, and they don't take too kindly to outsiders. In this level-based, arcade survival adventure, you'll need to explore, outlast, and outgun your enemies on your quest for a new beginning. Hope and adventure await you on your journey, but so too does danger and destruction.

Lots of enemies
Encounter a wide range of critters types - each with their own behavior profile and varying levels of aggressiveness, predictability and ferocity. Some may hide from you, others will help. Some may stalk you, but most will try to end you.

Lots of weapons
Randomized weapon drops from equipment crates ensure ever-changing levels of firepower and strategy. Learn to master 30+ weapons while running and gunning through uncharted lands.

Survival is in your hands, and so is a fresh loadout. Good luck!

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About Glow Fox Games

Indie game developers on a mission! oh and we are working in Unity.

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